Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the cetaceanist

the cetaceanist, originally uploaded by paul heaston.

Since I haven't posted much this month (though I do have new sketches on the way, I promise) I thought I'd go way back and show some very early sketchbook work. This drawing was done 17 years ago today. I'm sure I copied the pose from a comic book somewhere, but the character is an original creation by yours truly. "The Cetaceanist" was a marine biologist and crime-fighter with various whale-derived superpowers. One of these days I'll get around to finishing the comic book I started about him. Also of note here: I no longer put little loops in my 2s.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More from my Italy Sketchbook

Since I've haven't done a lot of new drawings lately, I thought I'd dip some more into some older sketchbooks. My Italy semester was a great experience in terms of developing a sketching ethic and a kind of discipline that I've more or less stuck to since. Here's where it all started.

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

moleskine sketch, tree in hyde park London

circo massimo, rome

train seat, between Firenze and Perugia, Italy

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

studio outside sketch

piazza dei caduti sketch

piazza maggiore bologna

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

bologna people

What making art looks like

...according to my sketchbook. In Italy in 2007, when I really began sketching in earnest, I drew whatever was available to me. A good deal of what was available to me were the Montana State students who accompanied me during my semester abroad. In between teaching and critiquing I ended up drawing each and every one of them at least once, and many several times. They were all also making art at the time, so my sketchbook became a record of their process and mine.

sketchbook page
l to r (I think): Grant, Katie, Regina, Megan, Sara, Brent, Chelsea, Hana, Mel (on the fence), Elisa (nearly invisible), Tiffany (ponytail), Dan, Sarah, Rikka (standing), and Jeff


brent 01





Elisa again

dan drawing

ink self portrait