Friday, June 17, 2011

A belated DFW sketch-chronicling

So on a weekend back in April (?!) I accompanied my sweetie to the Dallas Fiber Arts Festival, where she taught some classes and had a book signing, etc.  Because I knew she'd be busy I was able to find some time to drive into both Dallas and Fort Worth (we stayed in Grapevine, about midway betwixt the two) for some sketcherating.   

I still wish I'd done more, but we were also museuming it up, taking in the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Modern, and the Kimbell twice.  

Without further ado, here are the results of a couple days' sketching.

adolphus hotel,
The Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.  I was inspired to tackle this one after seeing a fantastic Richard Haas litho of this building.  Of course, Richard had access to a higher point of view (and he works from photos).

In progress:
sketching the adolphus hotel

The gorgeous Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth, right up there with Bexar and Victoria County courthouses.  A police officer approached me while I was taking pictures, before I began my sketch.  At first I was afraid I'd be in trouble for taking pics of a govt building (I've heard many horror stories of urban photographers being harrassed) but he just wanted to talk to me a little about the history of the building, and he was very friendly and knowledgeable.  Yet another reason Fort Worth is my favorite city in TX (besides SA of course.)
tarrant county courthouse

sketching the tarrant county courthouse

The rest of my sketching locations are conveniently identified within each sketch to provide the requisite geographical context:
main street

fort worth museum of science and history

main and ervay