Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to the grind

With as many lapses as there have been in this blog I'd never missed an entire month before, until July.  Factors contributing to my delinquency:

  • Too hot to draw, so no work to post.
  • Worked two jobs for a while, seven days a week.  This situation has been remedied.
  • Was out of town for 11 days, with limited interwebs access.
  • Lazy
We all know which of those factors should be weighed most heavily, don't we.

Consider this post the turning over of a new leaf.  Not only do I intend to post more (famous last words and a dangerous utterance in any blog), but I want to post more about what I'm thinking, as well as what I'm doing.

In the meantime, what am I doing?

I did these drawings whilst in Elgin, North Dakota:

Permann house

outside the trailer

garage sale elgin ND july 2011


More soon!