Monday, September 15, 2014


I recently traveled to Brazil with my wife Linda to teach a workshop at the 2014 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Paraty. I don't know if I can effectively communicate just how important and meaningful this trip was to me in so many ways. For the first time, I got to meet so many of the Urban Sketchers whose work I've know for years and years. I got a chance to sketch with people who shared the same passion and enthusiasm that I have for sketching. Linda also started sketching, and is now becoming as passionate as I am about it. I've taken away too many amazing things from that trip, and it will probably take a little reflection to fully appreciate the experience.

There are far too many images I could share from the trip to post. For the full visual experience, including photos, go to my Flickr page and my wife Linda's.

I will post my sketches, in chronological order, from our trip to Rio, then Paraty, then back to Rio. Clicking them will take you to their Flickr page and a little more information.

at the Houston airport waiting to fly to Rio

our small but comfortable hotel room in Rio

view of Corcovado and Botafogo from Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro

beach hotels and apartments, ipanema, rio

bairro peixoto, copacabana neighborhood

Rocinha Favela, Rio de Janeiro

Rocinha Favela, Rio de Janeiro

crowd at opening of USk Paraty 2014 Symposium

Simone at Paraty 33

Matt and Lynne

Paraty 33 musicians

lunch with sketchers

roof tiles

gabi and william

paraty curves

paraty alley

Santa Rita's church, Paraty

Dinner with Linda, Richard and Liz

paraty curves

auction sketch, Paraty

auction sketch, Paraty

last sketch in paraty

copacabana pano from forte

Copacabana boats, Rio

dog at Felice Caffe, Ipanema, Rio

View of Rio from Santa Teresa

tree at rustico restaurant, santa teresa, rio

teatro municipal

All in all, one of the best experiences of my life. Linda and I are already planning on coming back!