Painting and Drawing

Recent Paintings

april with bag chris with arms folded caleb mike drew
lori and ninia paul and linda madeline in progress alexa version 2  sarah

Urban/Architectural Drawing

complete sketchbook, 4 San Antonio panoramas
Permann house crockett hotel, san antonio,tx Pearl Brewery, San Antonio, Tx san fernando cathedral

buildings near sunset station, san antonio, tx houston street panorama, san antonio, TX majestic theater entrance, houston street, san antonio, TX riverwalk pano
at&t building facade world trade center building on broadway commerce building, san antonio, texas south texas building

san antonio from the tower of americas panorama monroe near s. congress, austin, tx express news building view from travis street

Figurative and Portrait Drawing

self portrait on brown paper linda lori chris alexa

self portrait sketch 01  morgan, conte crayon coppini figure drawing 07 isis 06
 isis 2009 30 minute pose fig 01 chris in the kitchen