Friday, February 6, 2009

bozeman main street # 15

It's been unseasonably warm in Bozeman for the last week, so I've finally been able to return to my Main Street sketchbook project. This is my second spread drawn from the north side of Main, looking south. The nice thing about being on the north side of the street is that, if it's sunny, it stays nice and warm, even on chilly days. The drawbacks are that the low winter sun is always in the south, just over the rooftops.   It shines directly into my eyes, which can be pretty uncomfortable, even with sunglasses on. The sun being behind the buildings also means there is a lack of interesting shadows and some details are hard to make out. Oh well. At least I feel like I was able to get back into a rhythm right away after such a long break (2 months.)

The building in the center of the sketch is MacKenzie River Pizza Co., a combination gourmet/Montana regional pizza place that is usually pretty good. It's also quite popular with the tourists. I like the "Hot Hawaiian" pizza-- jalapeƱos, pineapples, chicken, bacon and barbecue sauce. Good stuff.

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