Saturday, February 7, 2009

bozeman main street #16

I went out once again today to draw in the sunshine. Really unusual for Bozeman this early in February, but I'm from South Texas, so I'm not complaining.

Anyway, when I first started the main street project, the building you see here (First Security Bank) didn't look anything like this. It was a none-too-memorable, '60s-style construction, set back from the street, with cement benches in the front, and a big time-and-temperature sign on the corner. From what I'm hearing, the renovation will make the building more "consistent with the character" of downtown. Of course, they're also adding a drive-though lane around the back. I guess they don't care much for the "pedestrian" character of downtown.

The buildings to the right are also both new (well, the one in the front is a remodel). To show that Bozeman developers don't all hate pedestrians, the tall glass building in the back used to be an ugly surface lot, and now it's office space. So, there are some smart things happening downtown, too.

I think this ended up being a nice little sketch. I drew for about two hours, took a half-hour break for some lunch, came back and finished it just as the sun disappeared and the air temp dropped about 15 degrees. I've now taken to wearing my giant headphones while listening to my iPod, so fewer people are bothering me on the street than earlier in the project. Of course, I'm also bringing my own portable chair, even though there's an empty bench just 15 feet away, so I might just look crazy.

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