Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fingerless gloves and website update

knit fingerless gloves on a dvd
I drew these fingerless gloves (okay, mittens) while watching (or listening to I guess) the documentary Shut Up and Sing about the controversy surrounding the Dixie Chicks' remarks about the last prez, what's-his-name. They are very warm (the mittens, not the Dixie Chicks--although they could be, too).

Meanwhile, I thought I'd let everyone who reads this (and there are two of you that I know of) that I've updated my website and it's now better and more badass than ever (and has 2009 copyrights), so go check it out, por favor.


  1. Hallo!
    Great fingerless glovmits.
    I noticed that there was actually only one follower, so, thought I'd follow too.
    Your drawings are great!
    You and your 'other' follower's
    work reminds me of Dan Price and Danny Gregory.
    Actually, it's better (imho) much better!

  2. Thanks! Much appreciated! Now I have to remember to keep posting...

  3. Hey, you've got a blog- awesome. I'm a new follower and I'll stick a link on my site for you too- your drawings are GREAT.

  4. The link for the "everyday" section in the sketchbook section doesn't work! Thought I'd give you a heads up. ;)

  5. Anon--thanks for letting me know. That part is still under construction but should be up soon.