Sunday, February 15, 2009

More urban drawings and a gallery opening

curtis music hall, originally uploaded by paul is just dandy.

I went out to Butte on Saturday to my opening at the Phoenix Gallery. I've never had a solo show before, and it turned out to be solo in more ways than one (not a lot of people showed up), but it was still fun to meet Mary and Tom at the gallery. Actually, a few folks came in, including my friend Nate's brother Caleb and his significant other Katie. Butte is a fascinating town with a lot of history and fantastic architecture, so I drove out a little early to see if I could find something to draw. The Curtis Music Hall was right across the street from the gallery, so I set up my folding chair and spent about an hour on this sketch. It was all of 25F in Butte that day, so an hour was all I could last.
butte, montana

I did a few other sketches in Bozeman this weekend-- this first one on Friday of an abandoned restaurant on 7th Ave. and another today, from inside my truck (cold out, y'know) of the corner of 5th and Main, a few blocks from downtown.

abandoned restaurant, 7th street

corner of 5th and main, bozeman

Check out my Flickr page for pics of the show.

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