Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post Bay Area Letdown and Pickup

Well, I've been back from Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco over a week now, and it's been cold, snowy and cold in Bozeman.  As you might already have guessed, when I look out the window I no longer see the Golden Gate shrouded in fog or street cars gliding by filled with tourists eating chili out of sourdough bread bowls.  Granted, I didn't see those things when I was staying in Berkeley either, thought it might have been nice... 

In any event I've settled back into drawing around Bozeman.  I also tried out my new Cachet Earthbound sketchbooks. They are made with brown recycled paper, which makes for a great intermediate value that I can add both light and dark values to.  


orange julius

chris and brian at drew's defense

chair and bag

pencil sharpener and wastebasket

borders chairs


  1. I LOVE the sketch on the recycled paper. I own two of those same notebooks, but both of mine are spiralbound. It's great to find out that they make ones with signature binding (I thin that's what it's called.) I've been thinking of taking up urban sketches just to draw more, so seeing your work definitely gives me a boost to go ahead with it. The effect you get with the while pencil is just breathtaking. :)

  2. I have a sketchbook like this, but haven't tried anything with a white pencil. It sort of reminds me of some of the stuff that James Gurney has been putting up recently. Nice work.