Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There's been a lot of response to the Main Street Bozeman project this past week, following the disaster and tragedy downtown.  Local DJ Michelle Wolfe of KMMS 95.1-- otherwise known as the Moose (only the best radio station in Bozeman)-- mentioned the drawings and my website on the radio and on her Facebook page this week, and that has given some more visibility to the project.  I've gotten some nice feedback from the community, which feels very good, I must say.  Thanks Michelle, and everyone else who has had nice things to say about the work!

It's also been pretty cold the last few days, and there's been a ton of snow, so I haven't done a lot of drawing, but I expect to next week, because it's SPRIIING BREEAAAK!!!!! and I'm going to San Francisco (well, Berkeley actually) to visit my friend Chris.  I hope to draw up a storm, and of course the results will be all over the blog and my flickr page, and facebook, and stuff.  Until then, here's some recent moleskine scrawlin' and scratchin'.

Watching TV in the bed with Linda. Cable can interfere with drawing activity.

new shoes
Just got me some new Sketchers. It's the first pair of shoes I've had that aren't New Balance in, well, a very long time.

director candidate lecture
Our final candidate for director of the School of Art lectured the other night at MSU. Now we choose.

linda in the student union
I drew this before Linda and I went to see Milk at the Procrastinator Theater at MSU. Go see it. It's good.

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  1. I prefer the Eagle (proper phonetic pronunciation: THUH EEGULL")