Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bozeman Joe

Bozeman's coffee shops usually have good interiors to draw and, if they have seating near a window, are good places to draw from, especially in Bozeman's lingering winters.  The only bad thing about the omnipresence of Bozeman's java joints is I'm becoming a coffee drinker again.

window seat at rockford coffee
looking out the window at Rockford Coffee, my new favorite hangout

wild joe's coffee
Wild Joe's is in the middle of downtown, though window seats are usually taken

borders coffee shop
our Borders cafe is a actually a pretty quiet place.


  1. Not bad for $1.80 watercolours! (I clicked on your Flickr link.) I love these drawings. They remind me of vintage book illustrations.

  2. Nice work, Paul. Exceptionally nice.