Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bozeman Main Street #22

Easter Sunday was another beautiful day in Bozeman so I headed out with the intention of completing another Main Street spread, which I did, in two sittings.

I set up my camp chair near the entrance to Poor Richard's, the local newsstand/tobacco shop. Apparently it's also some sort of rendezvous spot for pot dealers and their clients, as a strange-looking mohawked fellow was camped out front all day, while various "stoner" types stopped by to chat briefly with Mr. Mohawk, then go around the corner with him for about 30 seconds. Mr Mohawk would then come back to his spot alone and wait for another customer. I left for a few hours to eat a potluck Easter supper with some friends. When I came back, he was gone--replaced by a skinny dude with a beard playing guitar-- but as I drew quite a few potential "clients" walked by, obviously looking for him.

Oh yeah, and there was some sort of movie being filmed across the street late that afternoon as well. About 15 people, including a cameraman, sound guy and security guard were shooting some sort of crime drama that involved a man running up to a woman with a gun. They filmed this same scene several times, then left. No idea who they were or what they were filming.

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