Friday, April 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

A random recent assortment:

at The Leaf and Bean coffee shop on N. 19th
at the Leaf and Bean on North 19th, Bozeman

I occasionally draw my life drawing students while they draw, although the sketches have to be done rapidly during long poses. I really enjoy drawing people while they are drawing drawing students

life drawing student

I rarely do contour line drawings anymore, but I thought I'd try one while looking out the window of our favorite Greek restaurant in Bozeman, Greek to Me (aren't all Greek restaurants called that?)contour line parking lot outside It's Greek to Me, Bozeman

Nova Cafe on Main always has a bunch of stuff on the table to draw.nova cafe table, Bozeman


  1. Just found your blog...your drawings are fantastic! ...especially The Leaf and Bean coffee shop drawing. What an inspiration you must be to your students.