Thursday, May 28, 2009

view of Grand Ave. from the Weaver Room

I haven't drawn a lot lately, and so haven't had much to post. I started a new full-time job last week that's eaten up a lot of daytime hours when I might otherwise be drawing, and I've been pretty tired after work.

I drew this last week from the second floor of the Emerson Center in Bozeman while talking about drawing with the filmmaker/photojournalist Peter Vandermark. I don't do a lot of drawing and talking at the same time (except for the kind of idle chitchat you might have while waiting for food at a restaurant), but this was a somewhat metacognitive process, so it wasn't too hard to stay focused and still communicate. I only wish I'd finished this drawing. Maybe I'll go back into it tomorrow on my day off. Or maybe not.


  1. It's sort of neat to see your unfinished drawing. It gives me a glimpse of how the drawing progresses.

  2. Thanks! I think this one will stay unfinished.