Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When in doubt, draw the table

There's no telling how many salt and pepper shakers, Tabasco bottles, napkin holders or Sweet and Low packets I've drawn over the years, but it's probably a high number...

table at college st. cafe

nova cafe table, Bozeman

ihop table 2007

aleworks salt and pepper 2007

dallas restaurant stuff 2008

western cafe counter 2007

dinner in connecticut and termite (the dog)

dinner at chachos

dallas bar 2008

astoria cafe linda and mark

table stuff 2007

condiments at the college street cafe


  1. What a lovely collection of accouterments ..

  2. Wow Paul!Love your work! I struggle with getting the right subject matter and you nail it so easy! I'm seriously impressed.

  3. How do you find what to draw so easly?
    I am very impressed,I spend hours thinking aboutwhat I am going to draw and still none!