Sunday, August 30, 2009

the living room

I'm always drawing my living space. The short answer is that it's easy since I'm always there, but it's also a challenging space and, since it's full of clutter, there's a lot to draw.

Last night's drawing:
the living room

One year ago:
new living room

The old apartment:
the living room

My parents' living room (where I once lived):
linda reclining in my parents' living room, tx

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beginning again

New moleskine...

bozeman farmer's market

23 sketchbooks on a tub

This is the "real" final drawing from my last moleskine. I had to return to my old place of work yesterday morning, and while I was there, I locked my keys in my truck. So as I was waiting for my friend to bring me Linda's keys (we only have one vehicle between us) I sat on my tailgate and drew this delivery truck.
delivery truck

Friday, August 28, 2009

rounding out the moleskine

Now that I'm finally dating my sketches, I've finished off another moleskine in record time. Twenty days from start to finish. Here are the final three:

power strip

at the leaf and bean on 19th

mirror self portrait

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roskie Hall

Roskie Hall is a dorm at Montana State University. The plan consists of three octagonal pillars around a larger octagonal core. It's a weird building.

roskie hall, montana state university

Saturday, August 22, 2009

One at a time

Without really intending to do so, I've finally begun a "daily sketch" habit. While I did a sketch pretty much every day before, and sometimes a lot more, I was never particularly worried about missing a day, or even a week. I always came back when I wanted to, and I have had no trouble filling sketchbooks. But recently I was looking back at all the sketchbook image files I have (there are many, many more than just the ones I've put on Flickr) and was having trouble sorting out when I drew which sketch--sometimes even which year. So I decided I would date each sketch in my new Moleskine so as to have some reference other than the day they were scanned. (I used to be not-so-diligent about scanning, meaning some sketchbook pages were a year old before being immortalized in .jpg form).

Anyway, I found that when I put the date on a sketch, it seemed too weird that there might be consecutive sketches that weren't on consecutive days in my Moleskine. I didn't like the idea of "gaps" in the books. The previous books have no gaps because they aren't dated, so they feel contiguous. The only way to eliminate the gaps and placate my obssession with continuity was to do a sketch every day. So I've been doing just that. Last week in Portland it was easy--there was always something new to draw. But now, sitting around the house, I've had to seek out subject matter to keep things rolling. So I've been doing single objects, which I'd taken on before, sometimes in paintings. These are from 2007:

pipe cutter


It's been fun so far-- we'll see how long it lasts.

spring clamp at home depot

voigtlander camera

ice cream scoop

wooden puzzle

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

58 posts and all I got was a trip to Portland!

portland skyline

Hi All! I'm back from Portland, where I went with Linda for her book tour to support Crochet Adorned (and if you haven't at least visited her blog yet you're off my Christmas list). We stayed with Linda's super-crafty (and amazingly hospitable) friend Susan Beal, her husband Andrew Dickson and their super-cute daughter Pearl. We both had a great time. Linda did a book-signing at the world-famous Powell's City of Books and at a local yarn shop, made a tv appearance on AM Northwest, and the rest of the time we got to enjoy Portland. Susan and Andrew introduced us to some amazing food and cool things to see.

So, on with the post:

We did the drive there in one day, stopping for lunch at the Milk Bottle in Spokane, Washington.

I even did a brief sketch as Linda and I enjoyed our (ok, my) new favorite peanut-butter milkshake.
table at the milk bottle
You will, of course, remember that Spokane is the birthplace of my father (assuming you're clairvoyant, as I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned it). We also stayed there on the way back, so I'll put all the Spokane parts together for you:
spokane as seen from the highway travelling east

downtown spokane, washington

downtown spokane, washington

downtown spokane, washington

After another long drive we arrived in Portland at Susan's house and passed out. The next morning we found ourslelves at Detour Cafe, then the International Rose Test Gardens.

detour cafe

at the international rose test gardens

at the international rose test gardens

The next few days included doing too much cool stuff for me to describe it in detail, so I'll just put up some photos and sketches.

3rd and yamhill

at the international rose test gardens

mississippi and shaver

at the little blue waffle wagon

ne alberta 02

pearl at Susan and Andrew's house

susan and andrew's living room 01

portland, oregon scenes

pine state biscuits

portland, oregon scenes

ne alberta 01

portland, oregon scenes

washington and broadway

portland, oregon scenes

thai peacock

portland, oregon scenes

susan and andrew's living room 02

portland, oregon scenes

hawthorne and 14th

portland, oregon scenes

pastini, division st

portland, oregon scenes

pioneer square

portland, oregon scenes

On the way back, we drove along the scenic historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, lunched in the Dalles and stopped in Spokane for the night. The next day we strolled around Missoula, MT for a bit, stretched our legs in Phillipsburg and arrive home none the worse for wear but with a lot of catching up to do in the real world.

masonic lodge building

Columbia River Gorge from Chanticleer Point

chili's, spokane, wa

downtown phillipsburg, montana

biga pizza