Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not so many mom-and-pops

This is my first ever Starbucks sketch, I believe. There are a lot fewer (as a percentage) locally-owned coffee houses here in San Antonio than there were in Bozeman (which didn't have a Starbucks). This is one is near San Antonio College on busy San Pedro Avenue. As has happened at least a half-dozen times now that I'm back in SA, I was approached by a panhandler while sketching. I must look like I'm not from around here, as they never seem to hassle other folks sitting near me (that or they think someone sketching is more likely to give them money?). And while there are just as many lookie-loos here as in Bozeman, folks here aren't as free-flowing with praise. Most just grunt a brief "huh" and move on. Maybe they don't want to bother me. Maybe they've seen better. In any event, I seem to warrant the same amount of curiosity here as in Bozeman (with the exception of being especially appealing to the aforementioned panhandlers.)
A final comment: I have to find more views from inside air-conditioned buildings. I'm dying out here. It's October and I can barely handle it.

starbucks at san pedro and cypress


  1. Great drawing - you have your fish-eyed view but with interior and exterior! Wonderful! The temperature is hot and humid here in South Florida too - in October. Not a hint of cool. Amazing. I'm waiting for February. But then after a week I'll want it to be hot again.

  2. LOL...I know exactly what you mean! I moved back in November and I thought it was heavenly. and then summer happened, and it kicked my butt, BAD! I kept asking the people around me how they live here. And, basically the answer I got was, they go from their air-conditioned home, to their a/c car, to their a/c job. No one stays outside. Have you noticed how empty the subdivisions look on the hot days? No kids outside?
    Now, I'm an outdoorsy-type person, and it looks like you were the same up in Montana, so this is taking some major adjustments!