Monday, October 26, 2009

while I'm in the updating mood

How 'bout some recent watercolor sketches?

san Antonio from Kallison Walk bridge

el pollo loco

main plaza from the west

swbc building on San Pedro


  1. Wow- and in my favorite color of blue too. Don't think I have words for how great the watercolors are. They are standouts.

  2. really nice! i especially like the second one, el pollo loco - the reflections in the windows is really well done.

  3. They're all so great. Each has its own wonderful aspect. The reflections in the windows on the seond wone are so pretty. They're all just beautiful!

  4. You paint a great portrait of a city! Your sketches are as wonderful in color as in black & white.

  5. I love your sketches and love your watercolours just as much! You seem to put out a lot of work. Are you a fast sketcher? So much to look at. Much detail.
    thanks for sharing. and best to you in your new home.

  6. These sketches are fantastic! Very inspiring.