Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forgotten sketches

I almost forgot to post these. Actually, I did forget to post these. Now I am. That should solve the problem.

across the street
This is the house across the street from ours. Damned if I didn't make the foreground SUV a little bit too big.

apartments on blanco road
I drew this from my truck while it rained.

live oaks and dumpster
In Boerne, Texas

tegue's handmade wooden pull toy
Linda gave her young nephew Tegue this cool wooden pull toy. I want one.

old ford at the yarn barn

parents' living room 2009
While watching a Spurs game.


  1. That SUV looks about right. Looks like they have a pretty big front lawn, and your sitting in the yard on your side.

  2. I am so enjoying your drawings!

  3. Phenomenal! Every now and then when I sketch in public I see a scene and think of how good it would look in your style. So then I try to emulate your method - shoot, I can crosshatch, why not? But I never come close. That's what makes the world go around I guess. Great job, as always!