Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New stuff

Linda across the table at EZ's. She had a quesadilla and I had a burger. Yum.
linda at ez's and patrons at jason's deli

The vacuum cleaner we use at the bookstore where I work. The other view is a parking lot from a fast food establishment near De Zavala Road.
electrolux sanitaire and parking lot near de zavala road

Another parking lot view:
parking lot near blanco road

View of downtown San Antonio:
la mansion del rio and the nix hospital


  1. The details you achieve in your sketches are amazing. Even the humble vacuum cleaner looks lively and interesting.

  2. Great work. The detail on the downtown San Antonio drawing is especially striking. I really like the perspective and the strong, accurate lines.

  3. Wonderful stuff Paul. Great style.