Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Update

Time to post some new sketches.

self portrait in big mirror

shoppes at la cantera 03
the shoppes at la cantera

some table condiments

san antonio cars

For Christmas Linda gave me a very cool Japanese-style folding Moleskine. I'm trying to fill it now and hope to do three-or more-page spreads at some point. I also resolve, this New Year, to do a sketch every single day this year. That may or may not happen, but I though I'd have more incentive if I put it in writing.
new sketchbook

at vianna's house

near loop 410 and san pedro, san antonio, tx

downtown san antonio, tx, new year's eve

looking into the kitchen new year's day


  1. These are great, of course! When I saw the Japanese sketchbook, I thought of your Montana sketches. It would be need to pick a street to do in San Antonio.

  2. Next time I order something from Amazon, I am going to get one of the Japanese folded moleskines. It looks like a lot of fun.

  3. hope you manage to keep your one sketch a day, find it really difficult. Really looking good your japonese moleskin, all of them great spreads

  4. awesome man, love you line style!

  5. Thanks all! Isabel- I've already managed to miss a day or two-- it's harder than it sounds!

  6. Love your work! I found it thru Lindamade. I was impressed by your sketches and when I checked out your paintings I was WOWed!!! I may try a large portrait during my painting month (May).

  7. Thanks Tamara! I saw your work, too-- looks great!

  8. Finding your blog was the best part of my lunchtime. The folding Moleskine works so well for doing drawings on! I love it and may now have to procure my own.