Thursday, February 25, 2010

san antonio from the tower of the americas

Well, I knew I had to do it. I went to the top of the Tower of the Americas (the tallest building in San Antonio) and drew from the top. At $12 for an adult, it isn't cheap. There are two levels on the observation deck, a lower outdoor ring and a slightly higher indoor ring with tables and chairs and a snack bar. I walked out to the lower observation deck, which offers the least obstructed views of downtown, and quickly realized that, even here in south Texas, it was just too cold. There's a lot of wind at 60 stories up, and no direct sunlight to warm you, so I retreated indoors and drew with my Bristol pad leaning against the glass. This view of downtown happens to be what you see immediately as you exit the elevator, so I was a bit self-conscious with all the tourists streaming past, but no one spoke to me and I found the whole undertaking to be a lot less daunting once I got started. I'd like to go back up and zero in on some smaller areas at some point. There's also quite a bit of the skyline I couldn't include, so perhaps a panorama is in order. Maybe they offer coupons or a season pass...

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  1. Wow - fabulous, and I would certainly need a season pass to even get this much accomplished - Quite Grand!!