Sunday, May 23, 2010

eddie at hill's cafe

eddie at hill's cafe, originally uploaded by paul heaston.

This is my buddy Ed, an assistant DA for Hays county, and someone who knows Austin a lot better than I do. He took me to Hill's Cafe on South Congress, where I had a gargantuan CFS (Chicken-Fried Steak for you non-Texans) and fried corn nuggets. All washed down with a jar of iced tea.


  1. Love the way you have shaded this sketch. Dynamic indeed. The way it darkens across the table. And the chequering on his shirt.

    Superb !

  2. Paul, you seem to work so quickly. Yes, I realize it's probably a pocket moleskine you're using, but the detail is so brilliant. Did you do this in one sitting or was it spread out in repeated meetings? How long (in hours/minutes) did it take for you to draw this? Did you use one pen or an assortment? Your drawing/sketches are very inspiring.

  3. Thanks Joe! You're right, it's a pocket moleskine. This was all in one sitting of probably about a little over an hour, minus time eating. Because I began the sketch with my hands and the table, I couldn't include the food. I'm glad you like it-- to me some of these seem impossibly rushed, and the perspective's not quite where I want it to be. I only used one pen I believe, but I often do use more than one. Thanks again for all the kind comments!