Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big moleskine update

Lotsa sketches.

building at san pedro and ramsey

just brakes nw military hwy

mcnay art museum

"lansdowne" trajan statue at SAMA and window on the at&t building

parking lot at san pedro avenue and isom road

san antonio skyline from alamo stadium parking lot


  1. great sketches! especially love the at&t window!

  2. fantabulous!!! All of these are great.

  3. Dear Paul,
    Greetings from Bangalore, India!
    I came across your blog page when I was looking for some sample sketches to practice (I recently began studying pencil/pen sketching as a hobby) and I must say that I was deeply impressed with what I saw. You are supremely talented and I wish you all the best to continue doing this wonderful art.
    With warm regards,

  4. The art museum sketch is ace. Love the shading and the weight of it.

    Top notch.

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments!

  6. I look at your drawings and I think Robert Crumb.

  7. Thanks! I consider that a huge compliment!

  8. Great work Paul. I have a q uestion, and have looked all through your Blog/Website/Flickr looking for the answer, to no avail. If you do not mind, what are the preferred pens/pencils you use in your Moleskines? Thanks in advance. Mike

  9. Hi Mike. I mostly use Staedtler Pigment Liners, .3 and .1 in my Moleskine. Occasionally I'll use a Micron or Copic Multiliner, depending on what I pull out of my sketchbag, or even (rarely) a ball-point pen. Thanks for asking!

  10. Thank you Paul! Funny thing is I looked through your stuff for a few days and never found a mention of your pens. And then about 10 minutes after I read your reply I found the sketches of when you changed sketch-bags. There was the answer! I live outside of Tyler Texas and I get down to Austin a few times a year. Im looking forward to seeing some of the locations in your sketches!
    Thanks again.