Thursday, September 30, 2010

san antonio from the tower of the americas parts 2 and 3

I did another few sketches from the TOA the other day, one in a Moleskine, the other in my Strathmore pad, and realized that both were at almost the same scale as my first drawing from the tower back in February, and there was minimal overlap.  I plugged them into Photoshop and merged them into a little panorama of the city skyline.  There are still a few skyscrapers to the east I couldn't fit, including San Antonio's two tallest hotel, so perhaps another visit is in order.

san antonio from the tower of the americas 02

view of western part of downtown from tower of the americas

san antonio from the tower of the americas

Here's the final panorama (click for a larger view):

More Strathmore sketches

The Emily Morgan Hotel, done sitting on the brick wall of the flowerbed in Alamo Plaza on a beautiful day.

medical arts building/emily morgan hotel

Bexar County Courthouse-- unfortunately there are few views available (except for in the middle of the street) that afford one an opportunity to really draw the whole building.  The towers here were the only thing visible above a massive live oak that obscure the rest of the facade.  
bexar county courthouse towers

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sketching up in Austin

I went to pick up Linda last week in Austin, and got some sketching in along South Congress. Linda also bought me a raspa.

monroe near s. congress, austin, tx

sketching in austin

sketching in austin

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Express-News Building

The Express-News is San Antonio's only major newspaper. This is their headquarters, and an attractive building to boot. Linda and I have a good friend who writes for the paper, Vianna. Maybe I can convince her to buy this sketch.

express news building

Two moleskine sketches

Linda and I went to our friend Heather's birthday get-together the other night and a sketch resulted:

heather's house

This one is from a coffee shop in downtown SA on Houston Street, looking toward the Gunter Hotel (where the famous blues performer Robert Johnson recorded all of his songs):
houston at n st mary's

Monday, September 13, 2010

san antonio museum of art

san antonio museum of art, originally uploaded by paul heaston.

You know, if I'd just break out the watercolors more often, I might actually get a little better. I need to work larger and darker, I think. I'll try to come back to SAMA for some more watercolor attempts. This was actually done from a vacant lot just outside the SAMA parking lot, and I'm pretty sure now that I was trespassing. But what's done is done (though I may go back again).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Moleskine update

September has been a slow month, sketch-wise. I had hoped to be sketching somewhere in the American Southwest right about now, but that was not to be, thanks to my employer. Here are some sketches that I managed to get done in the past few weeks.

my studio/closet, 2010

dad at the hospital

king tut at the flying saucer

scooter at the quarry

houston street at navarro street

After two aborted attempt to draw something today, I finally achieved something resembling a sketch at the corner of Houston and Navarro. It was a bit rushed because my meter was running out.