Monday, October 11, 2010

Settling on a theme

I'm still trying to figure out a large-scale project I'd like to do here in San Antonio-- something like my Bozeman Main Street series where the drawings work together as a group.  Lately Houston Street has just been popping up in my Strathmore pad.  I suppose it's because it's easy to sketch there: lots of buildings, lots of shade, easy to get to.  I might still want to do something else with the street; not sure yet.

Texas Theater facade
texas theater, san antonio

Hotel Valencia and Sip Coffee Bar
hotel valencia and sip coffee bar

South Texas Building
south texas building


  1. Fantastic! Exquisite!

  2. Really impressed with your work!
    Respect and Greetings from Spain!

  3. Wish I could join you on a sketchcrawl. I live in Ponder, TX (near Denton) and sketch alone. I have sketched the buildings in my little town. I love what you do. Have you done the Mercer Hotel? We stayed there when we first moved to TX. Kay

  4. I like your foldout USk book that you just showed on flickr. Will you show the whole book when it's completed? Can't wait. I bought one of these too and have been debating which street to tackle here in Vancouver. There is our downtown Eastside where all the drug addicts are, but beautiful old buildings. I am intrigued and a bit scared at the same time.

  5. I cannot believe the detail and the exactness of a street sketch. Wonderful!