Monday, November 22, 2010

A few more from the Strathmore sketch pad

I filled my old 8" x 10" Strathmore drawing pad, so I got another one.  I like the scale because it fits perfectly in my small mapcase bag.  

First, the Commerce Building from my last Strathmore.  No idea why I didn't post this already, seeing as how I posted it on Urban Sketchers 3 weeks ago.
commerce building, san antonio, texas

This is a detail of the facade of the south side of the AT&T Building.  The east side has by far the most detail, but little in the way of shade to sketch from.  It's also a little bit intimidating.  The south side seemed more manageable. 
at&t building facade

Linda and I drove out to Fredericksburg for a day last week and I got this sketch done of the weird but cool 
Admiral Nimitz Museum on main street.  
nimitz museum
There are a whole bunch of other cool buildings there I'd like to sketch at some point, but its difficult because the streets have diagonal pull-in parking, so there are no big gaps between cars to sketch the other side of the street.  Many of the benches there also have this new "face away from the street" urban-planning disease that I've noticed in many urban districts lately.  I suppose since they have no mass transit, there's no need for benches to face out away from the businesses.  Oh, well.


  1. Seriously amazing! Such detail!!!

  2. So good to see black and white used so well. Truly excellent work, will be keeping an eye out for your next piece.I'm very envious!

  3. I truly envy your sketches! I can't seem to manage the discipline to draw with this detail. Do you make them straight in ink?

  4. These sketches are incredible, I'm glad I've found your blog.
    Congratulations and keep up the great work!