Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LONG overdue moleskine update part 2

Apologies for the long absence.  I've been sickly and I was out of town, etc. but no excuses-- I flaked. 
So here are some pictures.  To keep things from being overhwelming and to keep the most recent stuff nearer to the top of the page I'm breaking this update up into 3 parts.

houston and losoya st

backroom at work 02

abbreviated leaf and bean sketch

bexar county courthouse

at vianna's house

new year's day at mark and mary's

at linda's mom's house

kci tower from the lowe's parking lot

east commerce at sycamore


  1. It was worth the wait to see these sketches.
    Amazing cross hatching, I love how you created the low light in the room above.

  2. i was wondering what pen you use for your quick moleskine sketches??

  3. I use Staedtler Pigment Liner pens, usually .03 or .01.