Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LONG overdue moleskine update part 3

Apologies for the long absence.  I've been sickly and I was out of town, etc. but no excuses-- I flaked. 
So here are some pictures.  To keep things from being overhwelming and to keep the most recent stuff nearer to the top of the page I'm breaking this update up into 3 parts.  Here's part 3:

pine ave and seaside way, long beach, CA

long beach hyatt, long beach, CA

hotel room in willcox, az

sketches at the LA County Museum of Art

dolores restaurant santa monica blvd, los angeles, CA

long beach skyline and harbor, long beach, CA

griffith observatory, los angeles, CA

first and last drawing of my keys

at gourmet burger grill in san antonio

There you have it.  Now we're up to speed.  Only a few more things to post and I'll be totally caught up.  


  1. Great stuff as ever: it looks like (maybe because you've not posted for a while) you've worked in slightly different, more sketchy style too!

  2. welcome back! thanks for posting, i love seein' what you bust out.
    hope you enjoyed california!

  3. Amazing pages, no matter how you cut it. Glad you're feeling better.