Sunday, May 8, 2011

I guess this is what I do now...

Sorry for the seeming redundancy, but these dinosaurs are in color, unlike the last ones.  I suppose that makes them even better.

Thanks to Bill's Wacom tablet and a lot of practice, I've almost gotten comfortable adding digital color to my scanned pencil drawings.  Almost.

Hey, that reminds me!  If you want me to draw something for you (I think it's called illustration or something), contact me and I will gladly for draw it for the appropriate amount of compensation.  Dinosaurs or otherwise!

tyrannosaurus color

yangchuanosaurus color

deinonychus color

giganotosaurus running color

saurophaganax color

allosaurus running color


  1. Dude. These are awesome. I thought you were just great at sketching landscapes... please keep posting them.

  2. wow...I think you've mastered the digital colouring end of things, Paul. Beautifully done!

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  4. If you are interested you can try this "International Dinosaur Illustration Contest (CIID)" (only for the next year I supose)
    More information at:

  5. Thanks! That looks like a great contest- I'll have to check it out for next year.

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