Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obligatory dinosaur post

I worry about this becoming a dinosaur art blog. While I have been working the last few months, much of the artwork I've made has been dinosaur-related, and not the urban-sketching stuff I usually offer up. Hence the apprehension about posts like these. Oh well, if you don't like dinos, get over it.

Here are some recent dinos I done. Some are digital, some pencil, some ink, some done in pencil or ink and colored digitally, etc.

gallimimus revision
Digital Gallimimus, painted in photoshop. Originally gave it pennaceous arm feathers until it was pointed out to me Gallimimus was unlikely to have had them.

camarasaurus v02
I've never gotten any feedback on this Camarasaurus from anyone. Not sure if it's good or crappy.

styracosaurus color
I changed this Styracosaurus's head a bit from the drawing to the color version. Guess I didn't like the angle. Ain't computers awesome?

Styracosaurus  albertensis

Allosaurus fragilis. There's something I like about these foreshortened poses. Will color these eventually.

Edmontosaurus (or Anatotitan) copei
I worry this Edmontosaurus is just a tad cartoonish, but I still like it.

Parasaurolophus-- kind of an R. Crumb meets Wayne Barlow thing happening here, albeit unintentionally.

Utahraptor leaping, or maybe in a courtship dance.


  1. It is certainly an overdose of dinosaurs :) but your drawings are so wonderful!

  2. No such thing as an overdose of dinosaurs. I know exactly where you're coming from, as I also grew up on Paul, Hallett, and Henderson (as well as Czerkas, even though he's a sculptor, and Bakker, who's vastly underrated as an artist). I would say you're in the same league as the best of the new generation of paleo artists, including David Krentz, Jason Brougham, and John Conway, whose work comes from a high degree of scientific integrity and artistic skill. What I would love to see is you taking the next step and place these animals in their environments. After looking through your portfolio I'm sure you're more than up to the task.

    Keep up the inspirational work.

  3. Thank you both! Lewis, that is high praise. I have a long way to go. I'm working my way up to environments-- still a little intimidated.

  4. The Utahraptor blows my mind! It's dancing for sure. LOL. I love birds.