Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lots of coffee

Obligatory coffee shop sketch post for the month.

Stella's Coffee
At Stella's Coffee Haus

Tenn Street Coffee and Books
Tenn Street Coffee and Books

bardo coffee
Bardo Coffee on Broadway

at Dazbog Coffee
Dazbog Coffee on 17th and Browning

inside common grounds
The soon-to-be-relocating Common Grounds at 32nd and Lowell.

caribou coffee on the 16th st mall
Inside Caribou Coffee on the 16th St Mall.

More soon!


  1. To Mr. Paul Heaston:

    I am currently writing a book about Principles of Perspective Drawing, for 6th graders.

    I have previously taught the course through Citizen Schools, a voluntary afternoon program for middle school students.

    I would like to include one of your city drawings, which I would use to illustrate how to determine the horizon level, when the horizon is not visible.

    I don't know the title of the drawing, but it includes a statue with a horse and rider in the lower left foreground.

    Yours truly,

    James Bowen

  2. Mr. Bowen,
    I have sent you an email.