Saturday, May 18, 2013

Panoramic at Dazbog Coffee

Yesterday I sketched this pano in Dazbog Coffee on 12th and Speer.  It was pretty quiet so I had an opportunity to work without creeping too many people out.  The frienly barista there, Ara (I think that was her name) loved the sketch and showed the employees at the adjoining tanning salon (the hallway of which can be seen on the far right.)  At the end of the hallway, if you look closely, you might notice a mirror with a tiny little sketcher in it.  That's right, this pano is my "Las Meninas," or perhaps "Arnolfini Wedding portrait."  Or something.

Technical aside: I used a bigger pen on this one, a Staedtler .5, and I think I like the chunkier feel.

Dazbog Coffee, 12th and Speer

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