Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Colorado State Capitol

I've been biding my time since we moved to Colorado.  The beautiful, golden-domed capitol building has been undergoing renovation for some time.  What that means for me is the dome has been partially covered by scaffolding the entire time we've lived here, which is less than ideal for sketching. Until a few weeks ago.  That's when they covered the entire dome in scaffolding.  Enclosed scaffolding.  Nary a glimpse at the dome within.  I finally figured I might as well get it over with so that, when everything's done (assuming we still live in Denver) I can do a companion sketch with the dome as well.  Fingers crossed.
Colorado State Capitol
Done in my new Stillman and Birn large Alpha sketchbook.


  1. Hello Paul, saw your work on Urban Sketchers and felt compelled to tell you how awesome it must get that a lot.

    When you're doing life studies outdoors, please can you tell me how long it takes to do one of these wonderful sketches of buildings and landmarks, whether you're actually sat down (you must get tired!?)and if you lay out in pencil first to get the perspective?

    I struggle with the latter as at least one of my vanishing points are off the page and that confuses the heck out of me. I also find it almost impossible to draw if I'm not sitting down, hence the question.

    Just bought me some of those Staedtler pens you use, as I like the fact I can watercolour over the top without the ink running. So, you can see, you're an inspiration Paul, keep up the good work.

    Oh, and this is reaaaaaaly cheeky of me to say this, but I would love it if you could upload larger versions of your work. Reason being is that a lot of the wonderful detail you include in your sketches is lost a little, IMHO, and I'm straining to see a closer look at particular parts of a drawing. I'm guessing they represent actual size, and I totally get that if that's the case, but my wife caught me with my face almost pressed up against my monitor screen yesterday, as I'm trying to get a better look into one of your sketches, and now thinks I'm weirder than ever.

    Anyway, enough said, have a great weekend.


  2. Totally impressive! I have been there.

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