Saturday, June 29, 2013

A quiet night at Barnes and Noble

Our swamp cooler is busted.  For those who aren't familiar, a swamp cooler is a common energy-efficient alternative to a/c in dry areas like Colorado that don't experience heat extremes like Texas or Arizona.  For two a/c-dependent Texans (Linda and me), it's a pretty weak alternative.  Only now it doesn't even work, leaving us to appreciate the little it did do once upon a time.  So, we got out of the house Thursday night to find some climate-controlled digs and ended up at the Barnes and Noble about an hour before closing.  This is the sketch I did while Linda looked for art magazines.

Barnes and Noble, Westminster, CO

Then we got shakes at Sonic.  The end.


  1. Wow!I feel like I'm right there.

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