Relaunching the blog

 Well, It's been nearly six years since I posted here. The truth is I had slowed down quite a bit, because social media was already starting to take the place of my blog as a way to showcase my work and to connect with the community. So why am I back? I finally realized it's nice to have an honest-to-goodness URL to point people to that exists outside of an app but can still be updated regularly. 

So here we are. What to post about? Well, my first thought is maybe I should catch you all up on what I did in the past 6 years. There's far too much to really post here, so I'll break it down into some highlights by year. Then hopefully I can start posting about what I'm doing right now.

So I guess I better start with 2015.

2015 highlights 

So what happened in 2015? A few things. We bought a house.

Which means my living room went from this:

To this:

My studio went from this:

To this:

(Yes, it's also the guest bedroom)

Oh yeah, here's another thing that happened:

Which meant my job went from working here:

to here:

Here's some other sketches I did in 2015, just because.

Coming soon: 2016


  1. Glad you're posting somewhere other than Facebook! Love seeing your work :)

  2. thank you for sharing Congrats on the baby

  3. Looking forward to more blog post here. Silly question but: how can I "subscribe" to this blog??? Can't seem to find a link anywhere!

  4. I follow you on twitter. Fun to see this recap of your year!!

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