Saturday, March 21, 2009

Berkeley and San Francisco trip

I just got back from the Bay Area, where I visited my friend Chris Turbuck and saw the sights (and drew them).  Chris is in the middle of an artist-in-residency program at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA so I thought I'd come out to see what he's been up to.  We went into San Fransisco, went to SFMOMA and saw a Bill Kentridge exhibit (and the man himself) and walked around.  We ate some great food, saw some cool stuff, walked through an empty mall, etc.  An all-around great time.  

Here are some sketches I did during (and in preparation) for my little road trip.

getting new tires, bozeman, mt
This is the waiting room where I sat while getting new tires for my truck. An MSU art history student recognized me here as "the guy who draws downtown Bozeman."

express lube, bozeman, mt
at the Express Lube in Bozeman for an oil change

orpheum theater, downtown twin falls, id
the Orpheum Theater in downtown Twin Falls, Idaho. I like their downtown, but their traffic is out of control.

motel 6
My room at the Motel 6 in Twin Falls.

near corner of california and davis

near corner of 3rd and market

on van ness ave, San Francisco, CA
some San Francisco street scenes

on the BART somewhere in the transbay tunnel
on the BART subway between Oakland and San Fran

at biryani house indian restaurant, berkeley, ca
A patron at the Biryani House, a Berkeley Indian restaurant. They forgot to place our order for almost an hour until I went up and said something. The food, though, was tasty.

hobart building at market and montgomery, BART payphones
a cool building on Market street and some BART payphones

corner of market and new montgomery looking SE
San Francisco street canyons

corner of hotaling place and washington street
This is just across the street from the Transamerica Pyramid, the tallest building in SF. Cool.

view of downtown from telegraph hill in pioneer park
I walked all around town for two days, and up many hills. This is a view from Telegraph Hill in Pioneer Park, at the base of Coit Tower.

city hall
City Hall might just be my favorite building in San Francisco.

view from washington square park
I drew this in Washington Square Park in the early morning, while there was still a layer of fog obscuring the tops of the taller buildings.


  1. Ah! great work in SF, love that one of the Hobart Building. If you're ever in town again, drop me a note and lets go sketching! (That's not as crazy as it sounds - we're both urban sketchers :)

  2. I have been to San Francisco many times, always enjoy it and these are great drawings

  3. Looks great. You make my home of many years look even more beautiful than it normally does. Impressive.

  4. Thanks everyone! I had been to San Francisco a couple of times before, but I really fell in love with it this time around.

  5. man I really enjoy watching your drawings, makes me want to pick up my pencils and go out sketching right away!

  6. wow your drawings are amazing, thanks for posting them
    i'm a new student in architecture, and i gotta say i really hope i will be able to sketch this good, i dont really have the talent
    i get nervous a lil everytime i wanna draw a line on the paper :/ just. awful.

  7. Thank you! Cizqa, just keep drawing and your anxiety will eventually disappear as your confidence grows!

  8. Returning to the Bay, 03/17, (aka) Marc Breed, America's Fetish Photographer (former dancer at Off Broadway, who also danced M/F with Carol Doda at Condor Club). Creator of the Psychedelic Peace Symbol, lead camera for The Erotic Adventures of Candy.. Now in (4) museum permanent collections.See Linkedin profile page..