Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to work (on my day off)

Work, work, work! (think "Blazing Saddles")

Since my new job is at a hardware store, how about a toolbox:

Office supplies:
two staplers and a tape dispenser

Ok, this last one doesn't fit in with the "work" theme, but you can add it to the "restaurant table" category:
table at "famous dave's" in Bozeman

view of Grand Ave. from the Weaver Room

I haven't drawn a lot lately, and so haven't had much to post. I started a new full-time job last week that's eaten up a lot of daytime hours when I might otherwise be drawing, and I've been pretty tired after work.

I drew this last week from the second floor of the Emerson Center in Bozeman while talking about drawing with the filmmaker/photojournalist Peter Vandermark. I don't do a lot of drawing and talking at the same time (except for the kind of idle chitchat you might have while waiting for food at a restaurant), but this was a somewhat metacognitive process, so it wasn't too hard to stay focused and still communicate. I only wish I'd finished this drawing. Maybe I'll go back into it tomorrow on my day off. Or maybe not.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the Shed at Joe's parents' house

My friends had a little graduation barbecue in Belgrade, Montana the other day. Good food, and a lovely day to sit in the backyard and sketch.

The Bozeman Hotel

The Bozeman Hotel sits at the corner of Rouse and Main, at what is now the eastern edge of the most historic part of downtown Bozeman. I'm starting a series of tiny ink and watercolor drawings of historic Bozeman buildings. This is the first, at 4" x 3".

the Bozeman Hotel
without color

the Bozeman Hotel
with color

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When in doubt, draw the table

There's no telling how many salt and pepper shakers, Tabasco bottles, napkin holders or Sweet and Low packets I've drawn over the years, but it's probably a high number...

table at college st. cafe

nova cafe table, Bozeman

ihop table 2007

aleworks salt and pepper 2007

dallas restaurant stuff 2008

western cafe counter 2007

dinner in connecticut and termite (the dog)

dinner at chachos

dallas bar 2008

astoria cafe linda and mark

table stuff 2007

condiments at the college street cafe