Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the Round

I am really having fun exploring so-called "fish-eye lens" distortion, only sans camera. The more I look, the more I'm starting to see things this way. I may be losing my mind, but at least I get to draw it.

rockford coffee from the middle bar
From Rockford Coffee, yet again (they should start paying me)

drawing in the bedroom
From the bed

barnes and noble parking lot
Okay, this one is pretty straightforward. From the Barnes and Noble Cafe, looking at the parked cars.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Free time is drawing time...

rockford coffee from the back booth
Every thing one can see from the Rockford Coffee back booth

creative arts library
MSU Creative Arts Library

rockford coffee
Rockford facing the other way

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Website Update

I've finally gotten around to putting some more sketchbook and Main Street Bozeman images on my site, so go check it out! And send links to your friends! And potential higher-education employers! In case you've not yet visited, the URL is, simply enough,

Friday, April 24, 2009

Change of Plans

It had been sunny and warm all week here in Bozeman. After a half-dozen false alarms, I was certain Spring had finally arrived. Early in the week I completed my penultimate spread in the Bozeman Main Street series:

Bozeman Main Street 23

I was all prepared to complete the series today, but I should have known better than to make any kind of plans in Montana. This was Bozeman today, also known as April 24:

current weather conditions in my area


Friday, April 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

A random recent assortment:

at The Leaf and Bean coffee shop on N. 19th
at the Leaf and Bean on North 19th, Bozeman

I occasionally draw my life drawing students while they draw, although the sketches have to be done rapidly during long poses. I really enjoy drawing people while they are drawing drawing students

life drawing student

I rarely do contour line drawings anymore, but I thought I'd try one while looking out the window of our favorite Greek restaurant in Bozeman, Greek to Me (aren't all Greek restaurants called that?)contour line parking lot outside It's Greek to Me, Bozeman

Nova Cafe on Main always has a bunch of stuff on the table to draw.nova cafe table, Bozeman

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bozeman Main Street #22

Easter Sunday was another beautiful day in Bozeman so I headed out with the intention of completing another Main Street spread, which I did, in two sittings.

I set up my camp chair near the entrance to Poor Richard's, the local newsstand/tobacco shop. Apparently it's also some sort of rendezvous spot for pot dealers and their clients, as a strange-looking mohawked fellow was camped out front all day, while various "stoner" types stopped by to chat briefly with Mr. Mohawk, then go around the corner with him for about 30 seconds. Mr Mohawk would then come back to his spot alone and wait for another customer. I left for a few hours to eat a potluck Easter supper with some friends. When I came back, he was gone--replaced by a skinny dude with a beard playing guitar-- but as I drew quite a few potential "clients" walked by, obviously looking for him.

Oh yeah, and there was some sort of movie being filmed across the street late that afternoon as well. About 15 people, including a cameraman, sound guy and security guard were shooting some sort of crime drama that involved a man running up to a woman with a gun. They filmed this same scene several times, then left. No idea who they were or what they were filming.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

bozeman main street #21

I have four more spreads to go. That number is based more on how many pages are left in the book than how many more buildings are left on Main Street, but I'm down to my last block and a half, so I think it's doable.

At first I was kind of upset with myself for the severe foreshortening of the building on the right (stemming from an errant initial roofline), but now I'm okay with it.

I did part of this in the sunshine (and got a sunburned nose as a result) and part of it in my parked truck in the rain.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

week in review

Let's see--drank coffee, sketched, watched Lori Hiris' MFA thesis oral defense, sketched, went to Yellowstone, sketched, drank more coffee, sketched...

table at rockford coffee

customers at barnes and noble and rockford coffee

rockford coffee back counter

inside rockford coffee 02

view from rockford coffee

lori's MFA oral defense

gardiner, montana

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More coffee-fueled moleskine scribbling

I'm now going to more than one coffee shop per day to satisfy my desire to find new things to draw. Of course, my compulsions aren't helped by all the caffeine, and I'm much too polite (or guilt-ridden) to sit and draw without ordering something.

inside rockford coffee
Rockford Coffee from the inside

looking out from the daily coffee bar on n. rouse avenue
The view from the Daily Coffee Bar on North Rouse.

holy rosary catholic church on main street
Not done from a coffee shop, but from my truck: The Holy Rosary Catholic Chruch on Main Street

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bozeman Joe

Bozeman's coffee shops usually have good interiors to draw and, if they have seating near a window, are good places to draw from, especially in Bozeman's lingering winters.  The only bad thing about the omnipresence of Bozeman's java joints is I'm becoming a coffee drinker again.

window seat at rockford coffee
looking out the window at Rockford Coffee, my new favorite hangout

wild joe's coffee
Wild Joe's is in the middle of downtown, though window seats are usually taken

borders coffee shop
our Borders cafe is a actually a pretty quiet place.